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Manage Stress for the Holidays

The holiday season can get overly busy and stressful for many of us. Today we're talking about about ways to slow down and lower the stress levels so that you can really enjoy the holidays, rather than be overwhelmed by them.

There are so many ways to manage stress, and we've written a lot of blog posts about them at Artemisia Academy. Here are a few of our favorites to help you get through this busy time of year.

1. Practice Getting Out of the Stress Response

While stress is a normal and healthy function of life, too much stress can be hard on our bodies. Learning a few stress relieving techniques could be especially helpful as the holidays approach. Check out the article I recently wrote that gives you some tips and tricks to practice settling yourself into a relaxation state by getting out of your stress response.

2. Get More Sleep

You already know that sleep is one of our most important regenerative tools. The darkness of winter is the perfect time to improve your sleep hygiene and get more sleep. Here are lots of good tips and tricks for getting better sleep.

3. Simplify

Make your to-do list shorter! Maybe it's the top three priorities for the day, maybe it's breaking down your big projects into easier pieces. It may seem simple, but focusing on the key things you really want to accomplish each day can do wonders for relieving stress and anxiety. Check out this article I wrote to learn more about how to simplify your life and reduce stress.

4. Lean on Herbal Allies

Herbs are very powerful and accessible tools for stress relief. Sometimes just preparing and drinking a really simple tea can quickly shift you from that stressed fight or flight response state to a very relaxed and happy place. Here's information about 5 herbs that help with stress relief to get you through this holiday season.

5. Boost Your Immunity

The last thing anyone needs during the busy holiday season is to get sick! It's good to focus on boosting our immune systems even more during the wintertime when we're all inside together. Learn four ways to increase your immunity naturally in this blog post.

Herbal Apprentice Program

lf you want more tips and tricks to learn how to live stress all the time, check out our hands-on 150 hour introductory Herbal Apprentice Program. We learn how to put self care FIRST and take care of ourselves every day so that we can become better caretakers and herbal practitioners for those around.


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