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Private Herb Walks, Classes, and Workshops


Schedule herbal courses as an adjunct to your programs.

Topics, schedule, and location can be tailored depending on your needs.

Herb Walks

Learn how to identify the native plants and herbs growing in the walk area, and discuss the folk, medicinal, and culinary uses, generally covering 10 to 15 plants.  Contact us if you are interested in a particular area for your next herb walk.

For examples of herb walks currently being offered,

check out our Local Herb Walks.

Lecture Only Based Classes

Lectures can be based on just about any subject of health and herbalism. If there is particular theme you would like to cover, just let us know.

For examples of current lecture topics,

check out our List of Classes.


Hands-On Medicine Making Workshop

Community based Apothecary Parties and medicine making classes currently offered include Herbal First Aid, Cold Care Survival, and Green Goddess Skin Care. Other workshop topics are available.  Participants walk away with 3 to 4 herbal products that they make in class, and and instruction kit on how to use them.

For examples of workshops currently being offered,

check out our Workshops


For more information about

private herb walks, classes, or workshops

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