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Consultations are a tool to help you transform into your most vibrant, vital self. Real change takes time, commitment, motivation, inspiration, and sometimes a helping hand to guide you. 


Schedule a consultation with Emily Sanders, Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist, to get back on track with all your health concerns.  


Emily will do a comprehensive intake with you that considers your personality, lifestyle, habits, and other factors in establishing a holistic framework.  She will then provide you with the best herbal ingredients to address your health concerns and also suggest possible nutrition and lifestyle changes..


A consultation can help you address many areas of concern, such as:​

- Digestive Health Issues
- Asthma & Allergies
- Anxiety & Depression

- Sleep Disorders
- Menstrual Disorders
- Chronic Inflammation


Consultations are available via Zoom or phone.

Session Costs:

Initial Consult FREE -- 15 min

Intakes $220  --  1 hr

Follow Ups $110 -- 30 min

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