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Lessons From Finding My Path

I think most of us have struggled with perfectionism at some point. Especially those of us who are healers or caretakers, we often think that we need to know everything and be "all-enlightened" human beings to be able to help anyone.

However, that's not how my journey has gone, and I think I'm a better healer for it.

The Cleansing Fires of a Healing Crisis

I'll be really honest.

In my younger years, most of my friends were living very unhealthy lives and I knew that I wanted to live in a healthier way.

However, I didn't realize that meant I had to change my lifestyle and change my friendships to really match that.

I got into this huge depression spiral of negative self-talk, like:

"I'm not going to fulfill my life's purpose. I'm not making money as an herbalist. I have to go back to working at coffee shops."

I couldn't figure out:

"How am I ever going to do all the things that I have set out to do AND get through this depression along with it!?"

I remember I would wake up some mornings so incredibly depressed that I could barely get out of bed. Somehow, I managed to put my clothes on, look presentable, and then go see a client.

After giving a massage or talking to someone about herbs or nutrition, all of a sudden, I felt INSTANTLY better. It was just amazing seeing the ups and downs that happened.

As soon as I felt I was being of service to others, like I was truly fulfilling my calling, my life and attitude instantly changed!

I learned through my journey that I have a sugar addiction, as well as other food addictions and compulsive eating behaviors.

I have gone through many withdrawals with sugar (just like how people have to go through withdrawals with alcohol).

I have gone through cravings where I can't handle it. I'd almost want to hurt somebody over sugar (not really, but it I felt pretty desperate feeling!), just because the craving was so intense.

I have found that my struggle with sugar addiction and binge eating food is connected to how I'm feeling. When I'm stressed, I use it as a way of pulling myself away from my fears and anxieties, when I feel like I'm not centered around my purpose in life.

What's Your Path?

For everyone on their healing journey, whether or not you're an established practitioner, have dealt with imposter syndrome, or simply struggle with finding your path...

All I want to say to you is: you're probably exactly on your path!

My path has NOT been a straight line.

Most healer's journeys are not straight lines. It's the spiral, the ups and downs, lefts and rights. Because that's the process.

The more sideways my path has gone, the more tools I have gained and the better I am as a practitioner.

If I had figured it out instantly, then I wouldn't be able to walk people through how to deal with their own struggles.

So, instead of being perfect, I get to be very IMPERFECT and let those lessons be learning points for my clients as well.

Starting Your HEALING Journey

If you're interested in learning how start your healing journey and give yourself the self-forgiveness and baby steps that you need along the way, that's exactly what we do in our Herbal Apprentice Program.

At Artemisia Academy, we help people one little baby step at a time, learning their own self-care, putting self-care first, learning how to focus on their own healing because through that experience that's how you're going to help others with theirs.

Our Herbal Apprentice Program is starting up in just a little bit. You can read more about it here.

JAM Scholarship Opportunity

If you have a passion for mental health, we have a scholarship fund just for you: our Jeffrey Arthur Miller Scholarship Fund, or JAM scholarship. A dear friend of mines’s son passed away a few years ago due to mental illness. His parents started a scholarship fund to help support students, like you guys, to find your way with holistic health and healing.

If you've struggled with mental illness or know someone that has, you can donate to the fund, or apply for the scholarship.


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