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How To Create A Self-Care Morning Routine That Sticks

For years I used to come up with a brand-new plan every few months on how I’m going to make a complete revolutionary change in my daily habits OVERNIGHT.

I solemnly believed that somehow I will manage to do all these 20 new things at once, on top of my already ridiculously full schedule, and not...

  • completely lose my mind,

  • decide to rebel against being such “a good girl”,

  • and end up binge eating and watching YouTube videos

for the allotted time a swore I would spend on my “perfect” morning routine.

Does this sound familiar?

I used to hate routines!

I always felt like I wasn’t disciplined enough, smart enough, tough enough to build in a sustainable self care routine that would super charge my day for being an ultra kick-butt kind of superwoman.

Over the years, however, I have found that the more I want to help other people,

the more I have to fill up my own cup first so that I have the energy to help everyone else.

This is why I have spent years curating, not a morning routine, but a self-care morning RITUAL.


What's the difference between a routine and a ritual??


  • Are rigid and boring.

  • Kill creativity and imagination.

  • Require discipline (and if discipline is required, my incredibly powerful and persuasive procrastinator side is sure to come out and bite my perfect plan in the butt).

  • Feel mechanical and soul sucking.

  • Are always something you dread doing and end up rebelling against.

Versus Rituals:

  • Are fun and inspires creative juices to flow.

  • Are flexible and changeable.

  • Can be made into anything you want

  • Let you listen to your ever-changing needs.

  • Are your built in “ME time” to nourish your whole body, mind and soul.

  • Feed you in every way… so there is no need to rebel against them!

Stop beating yourself for not sticking to your "perfect" boring morning routine.

Instead, create a self-care morning ritual that you will always look forward to!


Creating a Self-care Ritual to Supercharge Your Day

The first time I heard of having a morning ritual instead of a routine was through an amazing mentor who introduced me to creating an “Hour of Power." Here you get to create your own super-charged hour (of flexible, changeable blocks) of cool things to do for yourself to start your day right.

This could be a literal hour, or just a few minutes, but the concept is that you just set aside some regular time to get yourself ready to have the most amazing life!

If you had a full hour, you could break it up into 3 twenty minute blocks and do 3 things that will help you get into gear for the day.

These blocks can include:

  • Reading inspirational books,

  • Meditation, prayer, listening to relaxing music

  • Some type of exercise or yoga, Qi Gong, stretching, breathing

  • Walking, sitting in nature, watching the sunrise

  • Journaling, writing exercises, dream journals, taro cards

  • Anything you want, just be creative and have fun!


How To Establish Your Self-care Morning Ritual:

1. Choose a time that you can regularly carve out some “ME time”

  • Sandwich it in between things you already do every day, like between coffee & breakfast, or breakfast and brushing your teeth…

  • If you forget to do it every day, remember you can always start again. The point is to be good to yourself and celebrate your wins, instead of punishing yourself for not doing things perfectly.

  • It doesn’t actually have to be in the morning, but I like getting it out of the way first. Then, if I get too busy, I don’t skip taking care of me and become resentful and grouchy because I’m helping everyone else when no one is taking care of me.

2. Pick 2-3 things to try out and change it up when needed.

  • Remember our main goal is to have fun, help your body, and prioritize self-care FIRST in your day, because your health is of VITAL importance.

  • For detailed list of new morning ritual ideas, check these out.

3. Listen to your body.

  • If what you plan on isn’t working out (or you keep skipping or forgetting it), then it is not the best fit for your body right now. For example, this last month I wanted to eat a healthier breakfast, but I kept falling back on old habits. So instead I decided to try adding in a little more exercise. I have ended up doubling and tripling my walk/run time because I'm enjoying it so much, and naturally, now the eating better is starting to fall into place!

  • Keep with it, and if you don’t do it “perfectly”, don’t go spiraling into self-blame and shame. Just take it one step at a time, and slowly you will build your own kick-butt morning ritual that you LOVE doing all the time!

4. Be gentle with yourself!

  • Here, less is more. If three is too many things, try to adding just one small change at a time. If you get that down regularly, then you can try adding in one more!

  • Rituals are not about discipline or willpower, they're about loving taking care of yourself and letting the proof of feeling better to be the motivator. You will organically get there without pushing yourself or struggling. Just give it gentleness and time!

The more you start your day with grace, the more being more you will be able to help others because you have taken care of yourself FIRST.

Are you afraid that putting your self-care FIRST is selfish?

Just think of it this way.

If you set an incredible example for those around you (your parents, partners, kids, clients, etc) that self-care is important, it shows that you think of your own health as a priority and teaches others to start doing the same as well.

The more we heal ourselves, the more, in fact, we heal the world!


If you want to learn how to heal yourself FIRST to make a bigger impact in YOUR community, then check out the Herbal Apprentice Program, where we teach the core principles (like self-care FIRST) that will help set you on your path to become the amazing healer and herbalist you were meant to be!


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