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How To Create A Self-Care Morning Routine That Sticks

For years I used to come up with a brand-new plan every few months on how I’m going to make a complete revolutionary change in my daily habits OVERNIGHT.

I solemnly believed that somehow I will manage to do all these 20 new things at once, on top of my already ridiculously full schedule, and not...

  • completely lose my mind,

  • decide to rebel against being such “a good girl”,

  • and end up binge eating and watching YouTube videos

for the allotted time a swore I would spend on my “perfect” morning routine.

Does this sound familiar?

I used to hate routines!

I always felt like I wasn’t disciplined enough, smart enough, tough enough to build in a sustainable self care routine that would super charge my day for being an ultra kick-butt kind of superwoman.

Over the years, however, I have found that the more I want to help other people,

the more I have to fill up my own cup first so that I have the energy to help everyone else.

This is why I have spent years curating, not a morning routine, but a self-care morning RITUAL.


What's the difference between a routine and a ritual??


  • Are rigid and boring.

  • Kill creativity and imagination.

  • Require discipline (and if discipline is required, my incredibly powerful and persuasive procrastinator side is sure to come out and bite my perfect plan in the butt).

  • Feel mechanical and soul sucking.

  • Are always something you dread doing and end up rebelling against.

Versus Rituals:

  • Are fun and inspires creative juices to flow.

  • Are flexible and changeable.

  • Can be made into anything you want

  • Let you listen to your ever-changing needs.

  • Are your built in “ME time” to nourish your whole body, mind and soul.

  • Feed you in every way… so there is no need to rebel against them!

Stop beating yourself for not sticking to your "perfect" boring morning routine.

Instead, create a self-care morning ritual that you will always look forward to!


Creating a Self-care Ritual to Supercharge Your Day

The first time I heard of having a morning ritual instead of a routine was through an amazing mentor who introduced me to creating an “Hour of Power." Here you get to create your own super-charged hour (of flexible, changeable blocks) of cool things to do for yourself to start your day right.

This could be a literal hour, or just a few minutes, but the concept is that you just set aside some regular time to get yourself ready to have the most amazing life!

If you had a full hour, you could break it up into 3 twenty minute blocks and do 3 things that will help you get into gear for the day.

These blocks can include:

  • Reading inspirational books,

  • Meditation, prayer, listening to relaxing music

  • Some type of exercise or yoga, Qi Gong, stretching, breathing

  • Walking, sitting in nature, watching the sunrise

  • Journaling, writing exercises, dream journals, taro cards

  • Anything you want, just be creative and have fun!