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Herbal Community Resources

As herbalists, our craft is inherently interactive. From digging our hands into the dirt to making medicine in our kitchens, herbalism is a hands-on field. One of the best parts of being an herbalist is belonging to a rich and vibrant community of plant lovers dedicated to values like community care, land stewardship and botanical preservation.

To help you get plugged into the community, we've compiled a list of podcasts, events, publications, memberships and distributors that will expand your herbal horizons. No list like this could ever be complete - if you know of any resources that would fit well please reach out to and we'll update this list.

Herbal Podcasts

2024 Herb Events

This is not a comprehensive list. HerbRally does a great job of compiling herbal community events, you can check out their list of events here, which they update often.

Herb Publications

Herb Memberships

Herb Distributors & Supplies

Getting plugged into the vibrant herbal community is a great way to expand your herbal education and meet some awesome people. We're a bunch of plant nerds out here and our craft is so much stronger when we are working together and sharing our love for the botanical world.


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