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How to Detox your Mind for Healthy Living

A lot of us started off the New Year in a bit of a frantic mess. I know for me, I always come up with a thousand to-do lists of:

  • what I should be doing this year,

  • how I should make this year better,

  • how to deal with my finances,

  • how to deal with my relationships,

  • how to deal with my life...

While the lists go on and on, it's easy to get really overwhelmed and to forget what's really important.

To keep you on track, here are three basic tips for clearing the clutter in your brain to have a stress free & happier life:

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Keeping it simple means really bring it back down to basics and figuring out what the most important thing is that you need to keep in the front of your mind.

For me, my days are really busy as an entrepreneur, as an herbalist, as someone in a relationship, somebody with lots of friends, someone with a lot of family members going through big stuff.

I am very easily overwhelmed by what's going on.

So I start off my days with a really easy way of keeping it together by just making my to-do list JUST 3 things long.

A lot of us get really excited or overzealous about all the stuff we can do, but it's so easy to defeat ourselves and keep adding and piling more to our plates everyday.

This ends up causing ourselves more stress!

If we want to really be detoxing your body, detoxing includes getting rid of stress. This includes getting rid of the stuff that's bogging us down.

So, I like to keep my to-do list SUPER SIMPLE with just 3 things, and that's it.

By the end of the day, if I get my 3 things done, I have a huge win!!! And, it's actually really easy to have that huge win, because 3 things is a really doable, manageable list.

For those who are herbalists that have thought about amazing formulas, some of the best formulas that I've ever seen only have 3 to 5 herbs in them. They are very sweet and simple.

So, keeping your to-do list as short and sweet, as you can is a really great way to keep your mind really happy and really refreshed, all year long.


I start off my day, everyday, with some kind of a mind-relaxing ritual of doing a really simple meditation. (On good days, I actually end my day this way too!)

If you’re already into meditation, that's awesome!