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Herbal Medics is a country wide organization that trains people to set up Post Disaster Relief Herbal Clinics and be deployment-ready in times of need in the local community. 

Started by Sam & Suchil Coffman of the Herbal Medics Academy, they have expanded their organization to create free clinics across the country and internationally. 

In the last few years, they have created the Herbal Medics Chapters, to provide affordable herbal education and create a regional support system for disaster relief.


A Collaboration of Herbal & Holistic Practitioners

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In 2019, several California Herbalists came together to create a California Herbal Medics Chapter that is focused on Fire Related Disaster Relief. 

Partnered together with the Artemisia Academy of Herbal Arts & Healing, we are currently providing free virtual workshops. 

We hope these monthly online 

classes will provide a pathway for people to learn about the California Herbal Medics mission, help to grow our membership, and give the community access to easy-to-make herbal remedies.​

Herbal Medica California


Our Missions and Goals

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EducationOur mission is to provide ongoing free education about herbal medicine, permaculture, and post disaster response training


CommunityOur goal is to offer accessible herbal clinics for the public on a regular basis that fit the needs of the community


PreparednessWe train our board members to become disaster deployment ready, capable of setting up mobile herbal clinics during times of emergency

Benefits of becoming a member

Free and archived workshops

Herbal Medica California

A little bit about our logo

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When we came together to form the first California chapter of Herbal Medics, the initial core board member team chose 3 herbs to represent our mission and honor the local native and naturalized medicinal plants growing all around us.


Bush Mallow - soothing: This California native’s seeds are activated by fire, making it one of the first plants to regrow prolifically after a wildfire. Is it a coincidence that this plant is known for its soothing, cooling, and demulcent qualities? It symbolizes our intention to bring healing where it is needed.


White Sage - spirit: This special herb has been used traditionally in ceremony by the native peoples of California. It is a sacred plant, and also known to spread quickly after a fire. It is respected as a powerful healer, and represents our honoring of the original occupants of this land we call home.



Rosemary - clear thinking/action: The native people of California more likely used a closely related herb Wooly Blue Curls in the way that Rosemary is used today. We see it as a symbol of integrating medicine from other cultures, and as a reminder that we all have something to share. This herb is used for circulation, especially to the brain, which is why you have heard the phrase “Rosemary is for rememberence”. We remember and value our cultural differences and integrations.  

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