This is a great opportunity to learn about herbs for a specific health condition, formulate an herbal treatment, and then take it home with you to use whenever you need it.

Workshops are especially helpful if you are short on time, new to herbal medicine making, or would like to concentrate on one specific condition, such as skin care, cold and flu, or aches and pains.

Classes are a lot of fun as your learn and share with other like-minded herbalists.  Classes are offered online, except where noted.



Holistic Gardener

If you...

  • Are passionate about growing your own food and ready to start your backyard homestead,

  • Have tried gardening already, and can't seem to make things grow right,

  • Are tired of watching endless YouTube videos and want to be confident in your decisions of what seeds to buy, and what actually grows best in your area,


Then join Horticulturist & 15 year Homesteader & Organic Gardener, Mary Andrews, to learn how to create a holistic garden without wasting your energy, effort and time.

In this LIVE 12 week online class we will study Polyculture, Permaculture & other holistic design principles. Get an easy to follow approach to learn how to create your own sustainable backyard homestead, including integrating fruit & nut trees, herbs & flowers, drought tolerant plants, and more.

Thursday, March 3rd to May 9th

4:00 to 7:00 pm PST