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California Herbal Medics is collaborating with holistic practitioners to come together to help our community during the coronavirus situation.  We aim to provide the community with affordable health consultations and easy to learn self care practices that help improve pain, sleep, moods, immune health, and longevity.  These certified practitioners typically offer consultations for $100 to150 per hour.  However, during this time they are offering their services for a sliding scale of $15 to 50 for a 30 minute online Zoom session to help accommodate those who are experiencing financial distress during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Those who are able to offer more are asked to pass it forward. By paying more for your service, you are making it possible for us to help more of those who need it.


Self Care Recommendations From Professional:

  • Herbalists, 

  • Nutritionists, 

  • Bodyworkers, 

  • Personal Trainers,

  • Massage Therapists,

  • Estheticians.

Customized Recommendations For One or More:

  • Herbal Remedies,

  • Nutritional Therapies,

  • Exercise Therapies, 

  • Movement Protocols, 

  • Slin Care.


Consultations are held via Zoom video conferencing. Only a computer or smartphone with Internet access is needed. 

Clients may also use a dial in number if they only have telephone capability.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please see the detailed instructions below.



Please read all of the steps below before you schedule your session.

  • Clicking the button labeled "Book A Session Now" will take you to the CA Herbal Medics scheduleing program.  For more information on each service offered, click the “SERVICES” tab on the left side.  (If on cell phone, please select “View Desktop Site” to display these options.)  Go back to the “BOOK APPOINTMENT” tab to schedule your consultation.


  • Await for an email from your practitioner.  They will send you:

    • A client intake form for you to fill out and send to them before your session.

    • A link to zoom meeting invitation from your practitioner.

    • Instructions on how to pay them, via venmo or paypal.  


  • Pay your practitioner.  Clients are expected to make payment BEFORE or at time of service.  They will NOT continue a session until their time has been compensated.  Sliding Scale Means:

    • Pay $15 - for people who are experiencing high financial distress (currently struggling to pay for food and shelter)

    • Pay $35 - for people who are experiencing  moderate financial distress (concerned about paying for food and shelter in 2-3 months)

    • Pay $50 - for people who are experiencing low financial distress (not concerned about paying for food and shelter in the near future)


  • During your consultation, you can have your practitioner record the session and email it to you afterwards, if you want to see the protocols recommended for you in the future for reference.  Please let your practitioner know if you wish to have a recording of your session.



  • If you would like to support California Herbal Medics, please feel free to pass on the word about the community clinic.