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Herbal Apprentice Program

150 hour hands on introductory program designed to help you learn how to heal yourself with herbs and holistic medicine.

If you're anything like me, maybe…

  • You've always had an interest in natural medicine, made some teas, or even tried some tinctures but weren't sure if it was actually working for you.

  • You’ve watched enough survivalist shows to know you can use wilds herbs or food, but you're afraid you might poison yourself if you use the wrong one.

  • You’ve spent years binge-watching DIY videos on YouTube, reading online articles on holistic healing, and collecting a plethora of herb books that you don’t really know how to use.

  • You’ve dabbled with yoga, gotten a massage or two, tried to eat "cleaner".

But it feels like something's missing.

You know there's so much more you don’t know and you're ready to go deeper in your understanding of the body.

You want...

  • something that is all encompassing,

  • something that doesn’t preach a dogma that "this is the only way…",

  • something that truly connects the dots between different healing modalities.

But are you overwhelmed by all the holistic information out there?

Do you worry that you don’t have the time to really sit down and sort through it all by yourself?

I bet you've...

  • Wanted to become an herbalist, but many of your family & friends think it's weird, or they feel like your time could be better spent pursuing a “real career” instead of a “passion” or “hobby”. 

  • Looked into herbal programs, but they all are too far away, and your just not ready to uproot your whole life right now.  Even more, you want to know the plants of YOUR area, not the plants from across the country!

  • Considered finding a mentor, but you don't want someone who acts like a “guru” or lives in a bubble where all they do is live off the wild in some Amazon rainforest -- sounds nice but it’s not YOUR reality. You need someone down to earth and easy to learn from.

It feels like learning herbal medicine is what you have always wanted to do,

but you feel stuck that you'll never get to follow your true calling.

You know you would like to help people, but you don’t really know where to start.

You wish you...

  • Had the time, money or energy to pursue your passions,

  • Were more connected to the earth and its natural cycles,

  • Knew how to really take care of your body on a daily basis,

  • Had a real mentor to hold your hand through the learning process,

  • Were a part of a community of inspiring, holistic-minded people,

  • Had the ability to contribute or make a real difference in your community.​​

I know how hard it is to find your path on your own.

That's why I've created the Herbal Apprentice Program to not only become an herbalist to help your family and friends, but to learn how to become a healed healer, to truly heal yourself first to make a bigger impact in your community.

I’m Emily Sanders and since 2014, I’ve helped many herbalists turn their passion for healing others and the earth into profitable, sustainable businesses.


Through my own personal healing experience, I learned the healer’s journey starts with exploration and finding out how to truly heal yourself FIRST.


So often healers get caught in a cycle of overworking with little or no boundaries and get burnt out by trying to help other people.

At the Artemisia Academy, we not only train you to be an incredible and successful herbalist, but we also focus on teaching you how to nourish your body and fill your own cup first, so you can truly heal the world outside of you.


If that’s what you want, then your journey starts with the Herbal Apprentice Program

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The Herbal Apprentice Program

A 150 Hour Hands-On, Hybrid Program designed to help you learn how to heal yourself first with herbs and natural remedies so that you can truly be the best healer for those around you.

The program consists of 5 modules, to cover all the basics of herbalism & holistic healing, broken down into an easy-to-learn format that is truly approachable and applicable for everyday use.

These modules include:

Human Anatomy


  • Anatomy and Physiology 

  • 10 body systems

  • Herbal therapies for each body system

Herbal Medicine



  • Make teas, oils, salves, vinegars & tinctures

  • Formulate syrups, steams, baths & aromatherapy 

Herbal Nutrition


  • Good, healthy nutrition for everyone

  • Self care for you and your family

Herbal Research


  • How to create your own herbal formulas

  • Clinical Interview, analysis, and presentation skills


Plant Identification


  • Safe & poisonous plants of Santa Barbara

  • Purchasing organic herbs

  • Ethical wild harvesting

Here's How it all breaks down

Human Anatomy

Module 1:
Herbs For The Body

In this class, we use an experiential approach to touch, see, and feel how our bodies function, and how to assist its natural processes.  You will get to develop a deeper relationship not just with your own body, but also with your personal herbal allies.

This course comes with the Herbs for the Body - Herb Kit, where, you sample 60 different local & commercial herbs and  how they affect your body.  Each week you will get to taste & experience them for yourself to find the herbs that truly work best you!

In this class you will learn:

  • The secret to true success as an herbalist of holistic healer,

  • The fundamentals of human anatomy & physiology for the home herbalists,

  • How to define herbs by herbal actions, energetics, body systems, and uses,

  • Our approach to never hurt anyone- Herbal Safety, Contraindications and Dosing,

  • The key essentials to implementing self care on a daily basis.

Herbal Medicine

Module 2:
Medicine Making
For Beginners

We have been making medicine with herbs for thousands of years, long before the invention of television, internet, smartphones and cars… so can it really be that hard?

In this class we will take things step by step and hold your hand through the entire process.  Learn the essential skills to make herbal remedies at home and start to build your own an apothecary. With our easy to follow how to guides and recipes, you will become a confident medicine maker in no time! 


Each week we will walk you through several basic preparations.  You will get a Medicine Making For Beginner Herb Kit and Supply lists for easily accessible items from Grocery Store before class starts so you have all you need to follow along with our live demos in your own kitchen.  By the end of class you will have a whole range of remedies to help your family and friends.

In this class you will learn:

  • The basics of infusions, decoctions and blending herbs,

  • How to make tinctures, oils, salves, syrups, oxymels and more!

  • Strategies for herbal dosing and safety for children and adults,

  • How to dry and store herbs, as well as sustainable purchasing options,

  • How to make your own remedies for everyday ailments.

Herbal Nutrition

Module 3:
Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition simply means, how to listen to and nourish the WHOLE body from the inside out.  I always say, if the underlying cause of a symptom is a nutrient deficiency, it doesn’t matter what herb you throw at it, only nourishing the underlying deficiency will truly fix it.

Since food is such a personal preference, here you get to explore what feels best for your body and to be your own best expert.  Each week we share our experiences, trials and revelations with food, while learning how to create a food plan for your tastes, time, and budget.  Walk away with simple food and lifestyle hacks to optimize your own nutrition!

In this class you will learn:

  • The most important nutrients for your specific body to focus on,

  • How to transform your energy levels, regulate blood sugar, and improve mood stability,

  • Specific foods essential for reducing pain & inflammation in the body,

  • The true causes behind weight gain, high blood pressure & cholesterol,

  • The hidden dietary issues behind autoimmune issues, asthma & allergies.

Herbal Research

Module 4:
Intro to Case Studies
& Formulation

I call this the "cherry on top" for the program, where you go from feeling, "I'm not sure what to do with all this," to "I cant believe I've learned how to do so much!"  This course brings all the knowledge you have learned through the whole program together into a final project.

Each week, we go through the different aspects of herbal intakes, researching, formulating, and fine tuning formulas for the individual's body types.  The last day of class you will present your "case study" in a clinical round table where you can get feedback from your teacher & peers and walk away with a comprehensive wellness plan for a friend or family member.

In this class you will learn:

  • The key principles of conducting an herbal intake & clinical research,

  • The fundamentals of herbal formulation for specific conditions,

  • The energetic effects of the 5 flavors, and how they affect different body types,

  • How to develop a wellness plan using lifestyle, nutrition, and herbs as therapeutic suggestions.

Herbal Research

Module 5:
Intro to Plant ID
& Ecosystems Tour

Have you ever wanted to know the names of the plants, mountains and rivers of your area? 


Explore common plant communities of Southern California and meet the herb allies in your own backyard. Each week, we will discover a new set of plants on different trails, and create a Plant ID journal to use as a resource for years to come.

As herbalists, we are the storytellers of the land, and voices for the plants.   In this class you will learn our story of California, the story of our land, our water, and the natural cycles.  Learn how to build a two-way relationship with the plants and become part of a community committed to protecting this land.

In this class you will learn:

  • Over 60 medicinal, edible & poisonous plants and their uses,

  • The basic botanical terms used describe leaves, trees, & flowers,

  • 10 of the safest and most deadly poisonous common plant families,

  • Key features of the ecosystems in southern California & beyond,

  • The principles of ethical wild harvesting and protecting native plants.

“This class takes the student on a deep dive into the world of herbs in a way that feels nourishing, exciting and so confidence building. I loved watching my world totally transform from this class, where common weeds on the side walk have become nourishing and healing allies. My own flower garden has transformed into not only something beautiful to look at, but a medicinal foraging grove, ready to heal scrapes, burns, and belly aches. Its safe to say I will never see the natural world around me in the same light because of this class, and that is more than I could have hoped for. I'm so thankful for Emily and this wonderful age old story of herbs.” -- Chante

"You make learning about herbs & herbalism fun & easy. Your down-to-earth style of teaching is a pleasure to experience. You made the classroom a safe place to ask questions & you shared your personal journey. You're not just teaching about things you learned in a book or in lectures. Rather you teach from experience: both personal & those of your clients. Office hours have been super helpful for me as well as attending herb walks & seeing the plants up close & in person." --Kris

Imagine a few years from now after you have completed your herbal training. 


You feel confident about your knowledge to help your friends and your family.  You are living a more sustainable life, more aligned with the natural cycles of the earth and the timing of the seasons.  You know the plants that grow around you.  You know the names of all the mountains and creeks in your big backyard.  The hills here are a collection of your healing herbal allies, and finally, walking along the tails, you feel like your home, you are right where you belong.

You are a part of an incredible community of healers & herbalists, all working together to help heal our community and build a future for all our children.  You realize, this is it.  You are finally living your dream.  You are a part of something bigger than yourself, and that something is nourishing and fulfilling your life on every level.  You have arrived in the future that you always dreamed of.

All this and more is possible with a teacher that will support you along the entire way, and a school that nurtures you right where you are at, one step at a time.

"I loved the Herbal Apprenticeship! It was very helpful to learn the herbal actions and body systems side by side. I loved being able to begin a relationship with the plants by trying them in different forms, as we were learning about them. I feel I have a great base to start my herbal journey, and I'm confident that what I learned will allow me to start helping myself and my family and provide better health." -- Brook

"Emily uses a down to earth and accessible approach to learn how plants can heal and improve your life. Emily is thorough and knowledgeable as she goes through the body systems. Plus, we go see the herbs in their local habitat, making for an easily accessible medicine." -- Sean

"Emily's knowledge of herbal medicine is so impressive and inspiring. Through this course I've truly reconnected with my body and nature around me." -- Marina


Q: What level of competency do I need to take this course?

This program is specific for beginners with no experience in herbal medicine or human anatomy at all.

However, many students have had some prior healing knowledge before taking these courses and have found it comprehensive enough to learn new materials and find a more cohesive understanding of the body & plant medicine.

Q: What is time commitment?

Students have reported back that they learned more in just a few months than what they have tried to learn on their own for years.  So although it is a time commitment, it saves hundred of hours versus trying to learn it on your own.

Generally, students take about 3-6 hours a week outside of class time to spend on reading and homework assignments.  We do not do busy work or have graded tests in this course.

Many students work full time jobs, and/or are parents as well. 

Q: What if I have a hard time learning?

This course is specifically created for us creative mind types of people.  We cover all the learning styles; visual, auditory, hands on and experiential.

Also, since all of our courses are recorded live, students can go back and listen to the audio, or watch the video again anytime.  Students will have lifetime access to these course materials, so they can re-watch the videos for years to come.

Q: What if I don’t do well with online classes?

Most online classes are prerecorded and don’t involve student involvement.

Our classes are designed to feel like an in-person class in the comfort of your own home.  Students get to talk with one another, ask questions, and get real feedback during the live class.

Q: What if I work during the time classes are offered, can I still take the class?

We have many students that have time commitments during class hours who still join the class. 

These students watch the live recordings, and then we set up a special “OFFICE HOUR” each week for those students to check in and ask questions.

Q: What if I cant make the live classes?

All of our classes are recorded so that students can have access to the classes they missed. 

Students have lifetime access to all of the course materials (audio, video, and hand outs).

Q: Can I join if I don’t have access to herbs?

We provide ALL the herbs for students that they need for this course.  Additional herbs and supplies can also be purchased through the Artemisia Academy. 

Students will also be given extensive resource lists so that they will have local and online options to find herbs and supplies.

Q: What if I don’t have special equipment at home to make herbal remedies?

All of our courses are set up so that students can follow along with normal kitchenware they have at home.  Supply and tool lists will be sent out ahead of time so that students can be prepared in case they don’t have something at home.

Students also have the option to purchase a Medicine Maker’s Supply Box for all the special bottles and items they may not have at home.

"Emily, you are a wonderful teacher! You are so open and excited. I feel comfortable to share and ask questions. You made the container of the group feel safe and accepting. I love how passionate you are for this subject, and I can't wait to go out on the trails with you and see the plants in their habitat." --Torrey