100-Hour Program

$ 1800 ($1700 Early Bird)

Join Herbalist Emily Sanders on a comprehensive adventure in herbalism.  This program is for you if you want to truly immerse yourself in the world of herbs and learn how to use plants to heal yourself and others.


With a focus on sustainability, organic farming, and holistic medicine, Emily will lead you on a journey of transformational self care, while learning the essentials of herbalism. 


Explore the local herbs of Santa Barbara, learn how to make your own medicine, and become part of the herbal community that passes on the traditions of western herbalism.

The Herbal Apprentice Program combines classroom, field work, and hands-on training. Classes for the Summer Session start February 17, 2021.


Plant Identification


  • Safe & Poisonous plants of Santa Barbara

  • Purchasing organic herbs

  • Ethical wild harvesting

Herbal Medicine


  • Make teas, oils, salves, vinegars & tinctures

  • Formulate syrups, steams, baths & aromatherapy 

Human Anatomy


  • 10 body system

  • Anatomy and Physiology 

  • Herbal therapies for each body system

Herbal Nutrition


  • Good, healthy nutrition for everyone

  • Self care for you and your family

Herbal Research


  • How to create your own Materia Medica

  • Case Studies

Clinical Intrview


  • Clinical Interview Skills

  • Interview Forms

  • Background Questions



Students with at least 80% attendance of this course will be given a Certificate of Completion.  Students who miss a weekend due to illness or life circumstances will be given the opportunity to make up the missed hours.


This program does not qualify students to practice as Clinical Herbalists. It is a fundamental overview of how to make herbal medicine for friends and family. Students interested in continuing their education will receive resources on how to pursue a certification.

Refunds: Cancellation of the program before the program starts results in a reimbursement of the program minus the $600 non-refundable security deposit. After the course has started, there are no refunds. Deposit may be applied to future courses.



A non-refundable deposit of $600 must be paid upon acceptance to hold your place in the program. Program must be paid in full ($1800 in total) by the 1st day of class unless a payment plan has been arranged.

Payment Plan:

Payment plans are arranged on an individual basis, for those who express financial need.  Typically, payments are broken up into $300 to $400 per month payments.  Payments must begin at least 3 to 6 months before the start of class in order to be completed

(or  2 / 3 of the program paid for $1200) by the first day of class. 


The program deposit of $600 still must be paid to hold your spot in the program, however it may be broken up into two payments if ample time is allowed.  $100 payment plan fee applied to total of tuition, totaling $1900 for the program.

Individual Courses:

These courses in the Herbal Apprentice Program are also offered on an a la carte basis.  

Work Trade Opportunities:

Several partial scholarships are available.  Call to inquire.  Spots are  extremely limited